Saturday, November 11, 2006

Onward and Upward...

Tonight I bashed out 1,100 words to achieve my self-appointed goal of writing at least a thousand words per sitting on the first draft of The Devil's Number. My first sitting earlier this week produced 700 words, just short of my target so I'll have to make up for that in subsequent writings.

Anyway, the prologue to my novella is finished and I'm ready to get stuck into the main storyline. I'm officially at 7.52% of my total word count target and I haven't looked back. I'm finding it quite easy at the moment to 'fall into the page.'

Because I'm excited about this book, other projects have temporarily taken a backseat (probably not for too long, knowing me) and by Sunday night I should be at around three thousand words...

What I'm reading: Stephen King's The Cell

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