Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It Begins - The Devil's Number

Well, it's official. Work has officially started on my latest and largest project to date - The Devil's Number. It's going to be a novella-sized work with a predicted length of around 20,000 to 30,000 words. It's a little scary since the longest piece I've ever written is 4,000 words - but I love a challenge. I'm pretty optimistic about this one because it's such a cool, original idea that's been bouncing around inside my head - it won't leave me alone, either so it has to get written.

I'm not going to say any more than that about the project because I don't want to jinx myself - call me superstitious. However, I will be updating the word count in my works in progress section, just to prove that I am working on it.

Because I've set myself a deadline for February 2007, I'll be devoting a lot of my writing time to the novella whilst finalising a couple of short pieces in between for competitions and the like. I'm going to aim pretty high and set a goal of 1,000 words per sitting, so the first draft should hopefully be ready by Christmas. I'll keep you posted. 700 words and counting....

What I'm reading: Stephen King's Cujo

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Marty Young said...

Go for it, Chris!
1000 words a night is a good target. That's what I did with my novel, wrote 1000 minimum every night, regardless of how terrible the writing was, and then fixed it up afterwards. That way, I was able to keep the story flowing and never got too bogged down when one particular scene wasn't working...

(does that count as telling you something about my novel? :)