Sunday, November 05, 2006

New Section - Current Works In Progress

I've just posted a new section so you can actually see that I do have current projects on my plate at the moment. I will also be using this section as a focus point for my goals, constant reminders of what needs to be done. In particular, 'The Devil's Number' is a brand new project so I've put a counter on it that I can keep updating every time I increase my word count. The title and the length is all I'll divulge at this time, but as the project draws to a conclusion, I'll tell you a bit more about it. It's an awesome, original idea - I'm excited! I'm also going to be adding a caption at the end of each post to tell you all what I'm reading at the moment.

What I'm reading: Stephen King's Cujo


Brian G Ross said...

I like the idea of havin' a work in progress section. Hope you don't mind if I steal it for my own blog.


By the way, congratulations on the radio interview. That's great news!

specficwriter said...

Mate, you go for it. I think it's great because it makes you focus on your goals and you can watch your progress.