Sunday, February 25, 2007

My First Professional Gig

Last Thuesday night I was lucky enough to be invited along to my local Tafe campass to deliver my first lecture to a class.

Once I got over the initial stage fright I began to relax and tell them all about how I came to be a writer, I discussed flash and micro fiction at length and I got them to do an exercise where they were to write a 100 word story and read them out. I also touched a little on motivation and goal setting.

The course co-ordinator said to me at the end of the night in front of everyone that I would make a great teacher in the future at Tafe.

This came as quite a shock to me and I was flattered. I must have done okay.

What I'm reading: Steve Berry's The Templar Legacy


Steev said...

You did quite well considering it was your first time, I would have thought you had given many lectures before... Thanks alot for your talk it was quite informative and inspired me to come home and start my own blog on this very site.. Thanks once again

Brian G Ross said...

Some great positive experience there, Chris. I know it must be nerve-rackin', gettin' up there in front of everyone.

Well done.