Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Three Stories Find a Home

How many of you have heard of a publication called Flash Shot Daily Genre Fiction? Well, recently I was lucky enough to have two of my micro stories, Decapitated and Silent Treatment chosen by Flash Shot to be distributed to its subscribers next year.

Decapitated is scheduled for publication on 4th January 2007 and will also be included in an anthology (TBA) while Silent Treatment is due for scheduling in the next two weeks or so.

Flash Shot is quite a unique publication. When you get a story published it gets sent out to the inboxes of subscribers and once 365 stories have been collected, they get published in an anthology each year. Now get this - you have the option of getting your story printed on to a mug or a t-shirt. How cool is that?

Do yourself a favour and subscribe - it's free and you receive a new micro story every single day. There are some really good stories, too and they only take about twenty seconds to read. It's a good way to start your day over your steaming cup of java. To subscribe, simply click on the link in my list.

The Jaunt, my third story to find a home, is a sci-fi piece of about 1,500 words. It's been accepted into a brand new anthology called Timeflash. Timeflash will feature stories with a time-travel or alternate reality theme. I think it's going to showcase about thirty authors from around the world so it's pretty cool to be involved in something like that. The Jaunt is the longest story I have had accepted to date.

When Decapitated and Silent Treatment are released next year, I will also make sure that they are available to read right here on my blog, so watch this space.

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