Friday, April 06, 2007

Submission: Accepted

Making my debut in FlashSpec Volume 1 in 2006 was the highlight of the year for me and a massive confidence boost. So, imagine my delight when I opened up my email earlier today and found one of those messages informing me that one of my flash fiction pieces, Wired for Sound was accepted into FlashSpec Volume 2. Talk about a great Easter present!

FlashSpec Volume 1 offered no payment for its contributors last year (I was fine with that), however this time, we get paid. The amount is small, but that doesn't worry me too much - it's still my first professional sale and I get to see my work in print again!
In other news, I thought I should give you an update of where I'm at with The Devil's Number. It's slow going, but I am getting through the second draft. It's taking a bit longer than the first draft because of the constant revision I'm employing as well as the copious re-writing of certain scenes to make the story flow better. I'm still aiming for my June deadline so I better get cracking!
What I'm reading: Will Elliott's The Pilo Family Circus

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